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iVisit 3D for ArchiCAD

iVisit 3D for ArchiCAD is an extension installed in ArchiCAD to insert panoramic cameras in ArchiCAD projects, link them together and generate iVisit 3D panoramas viewable on a website and on mobile devices!

th-acad-1   th-acad-2

© Architect: Sergey Skuratov Architects

iVisit 3D allows you to place cameras on your ArchiCAD project, link them together on the plan view and then calculate interactive panoramic views of your project for both your website and your mobiles devices.  iVisit 3D is an extension for ArchiCAD and uses ArchiCAD's internal rendering engine.  The players that can read these interactive panoramas are available in Flash, Android and iOS, and are free to download and royalty free.

Create panoramas and nodes

iVisit 3D for ArchiCAD is a simple palette added to your ArchiCAD accessible from the ArchiCAD menu: Design > Design Extras > iVisit 3D> Show Palette. These tools allow you to create, to delete and to link the nodes, graphically, in the ArchiCAD project and, finally, to generate the iVisit 3D Panorama.


Each node is a panoramic camera, which calculate the six necessary images for a cubic panorama giving a 360° view.  The differents nodes are then linked altogether for smooth navigation inside the project.

iVisit 3D panorama calculation

As when using ArchiCAD's rendering tool, setup the rendering engine that will be used with iVisit 3D. When it's done, launch the panorama calculation with one click. ArchiCAD calculates all the images necessary for the selected panorama and calculates a plan view of the project at the same time that will be used to navigate in the project.


On a website or on mobile devices

The result is a HTML folder, which includes a webpage, the Flash player and a folder including all the images. Upload the contents to the server to view it online. To view the panorama on a mobile device, use the free iVisit 3D Builder to create a PNO file, the file format used by both android and iOS players. Transfer the PNO file to your mobile device using iTunes, Dropbox or Box.com accounts.  The iVisit 3D player is available in a free download from the Apple and Google websites.

iVisit 3D Builder

These application allow to convert HTML folder in PNO file for iOS and Android players

iVisit 3D Builder for Macintosh
 ivisit 3D Builder for Windows

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